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Personal Effects Into Manila Port


Kindly be inform that MNL agent cannot proceed customs clearance without detailed Packing List thus, pls get load port agent to furnish a copy PL in specific & not declared in general as Used Household goods / Personal Effects if there is any shipment effect.


Use Household goods/personal effect should be declared in Packing list (PL), item by item as shpt, subject to

100% Inspection & Customs need the PL to check it's on actual content OF the box & from there they will put a

value to assessed duty & tax.


Customs is very strict nowadays as they wanted all docs./entries of every consignee's or importer's particularly personal effects to undergo for every Sections at Customs.

Customs will be the one who will decide the schedule of 100% examination of cargo.


Lastly, please find attached memorandum issued by Customs regarding clearance of Informal Entries.

Personal effects will be lodged under Informal Entry.