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Brazil Ministry of Agriculture, through the Normative Instruction Nº. 32 of 09/23/2015 will treat as mandatory the information about
wooden package material. The instruction will come into effect on February 1st,
2016 )B/L date) and will be applied to export, import, transshipment and in
transit cargos (passage) through Brazil.
Therefore, the details about the packaging will be required for all cargos, informing
the existence or not of wood, and sent along with the Shipping Instruction (SI), as
1) Is there wooden package? YES or NO
2) What kind of wooden package?
a. Wooden Package Material: Treated and Certificated; (treated material
and/or fumigated with certification);
b. Wooden Package Material : Processed; (processed material);
c. Wooden Package Material: Not treated and Not Certificated (not
treated material and/or fumigated with certification).
3) If the information is not mentioned in the Shipping Instruction (SI), we will
consider that there is NO wooden package inside of the container.
For further details about the normative instruction, please access links below: